How to snooze a Trello card


Jack Wallen offers up a Trello tip that makes it easy to snooze Trello cards when their deadlines have morphed into a more fluid, flexible state.

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Let’s face it: Things happen and you miss deadlines. You might have planned a task down to the minute, but when something interrupts your workflow, that bump in the productivity road can easily cause you to miss a deadline.

In Trello, that means you’ll be staring down at red cards to remind you that you or your team failed to get something done on time. Although a bit hyperbolic, you understand the sentiment behind the statement, and you certainly don’t want those red cards mocking you all day.

Fortunately, there’s a way to snooze those cards such that they go away for a given period of time. If you’re one of those who see red cards and panics, this tip could go a long way to preventing a meltdown (even of the tiniest sort).

With that said, let’s add this feature to your Trello account.

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What you’ll need

The only thing you’ll need to add the card snooze feature is a Trello account. Because this is done by way of a Power-Up, you can even achieve this using a free account, as Power-Ups are now free and unlimited for all accounts.

How to install the Card Snooze Power-Up

Log in to your Trello account and select a board to work with. From that broad, click the Power-Ups button in the toolbar (Figure A).

Figure A

The Power-Ups toolbar awaits in your Trello account.

In the popup menu, click Add Power-Ups, and then, in the resulting window, type Card Snooze in the search bar (Figure B).

Figure B

The Trello Power-Ups market is easy to search and navigate.

When Card Snooze appears, click the associated Add button (Figure C).

Figure C

Installing Card Snooze to Trello.

That’s it for the installation, Card Snooze is ready to make your Trello life a bit less stressful.

How to snooze a Trello card

With Card Snooze installed, open any card on your board and you should now see a Snooze entry under Power-Ups (Figure D).

Figure D

Snooze is now a part of the Trello Card workflow.

Click Snooze to reveal the Card Snooze pop-up, where you can snooze a card for one, two, or four hours, until morning or evening the next day, in two or four days, one or two weeks, or for an entire month (Figure E).

Figure E

The Card Snooze Power-Up in action.

And that’s all there is to snoozing cards in Trello. This addition might not make you more productive, but it’ll certainly keep you from having to constantly see those missed deadlines, which can cause serious stress for certain people. Just don’t use this Power-Up in such a way that “out of sight, out of mind” becomes the norm — otherwise you’ll never get anything done.

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